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  • Call for Papers | Theatre Journal Special Issue on AI / more
  • Fairwork Project @TowardsFairWork is hiring several research positions / more
  • Digital Studies Institute, University of Michigan, is seeking an Executive Director /more
  • SSRC’s Just Tech program is hiring a Program Officer (PhD required) /more
  • Call for Proposals | Just Tech Covid-19 rapid-response research grants /more

Digital Security Resources

  • Surveillance Self-Defense | by the Electronic Frontier Foundation /more
  • Secure voice calls and messages | by Freedom of the Press Foundation /more
  • Securing Your Digital Life Like a Normal Person | by Martin Shelton /more
  • Digital Security Guides and Resources | by crash override /more
  • Digital Self-Defense Knowledgebase | by Defend Our Movements /more

Essential Books by Black Scholars on Tech and Race /more



Critical Race + Black Feminism


Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia | website

The Legacy of Lynching
Brooklyn Museum | website

The Underground Museum
Los Angeles | website

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