The Initiative on Race and Digital Justice curates conversations, fosters collaboration, and convenes thought-leaders to nurture a public impact ecosystem that activate the next generation of socially just public leaders.

The Initiative on Race and Digital Justice, led by Dr. Safiya Noble, is a multi-stakeholder, groundbreaking effort that focuses on deep and lasting public impact that foregrounds accountability and repair from extant and emerging harms. Our work includes: advancing legislation, building strong networks of coordinated work, collaborating with grassroots organizers, conducting academic and legal research, curating public lectures, and supporting new thinkers and leaders.

The Initiative on Race and Digital Justice has already begun incubating work on key initiatives led by our current and incoming staff, fellows, and partners. We will formally and publicly announce the initiative this Fall 2022. 

Our work streams are not mutually independent, but rather create an ecosystem that builds on, enhances, and amplifies the work of the others. These work streams engage with a variety of network touch points from policy makers to scholars, activists to tech workers to foster critical, sustainable, and scalable change at the intersections of race and digital justice.