Research by the UCLA Center for Critical Internet Inquiry focuses on (but not exclusively):

  • Critical information studies
  • Racial and gender bias in algorithms
  • Commercial Content Moderation (CCM)
  • Socio-cultural, economic and ethical implications of information in society
  • Race, gender and sexuality in information communication technologies
  • Digital platforms and democracy
  • Digital technology and internet policy
  • Information workers and labor rights

Projects & Programs

Augmenting Social Media Content Moderation

Led by Dr. Sarah T. Roberts with support by the National Science Foundation /learn more

Human Rights, Racism, and Emerging Tech Workshop

Co-led by Dr. Safiya Umoja Noble in collaboration with the Promise Institute for Human Rights at UCLA Law /read report

Landlord Threats During COVID-19

Co-led by Dr. Matt Bui in partnership with Anti-Eviction Mapping Project and the Ida B. Wells Just Data Lab (Princeton) /visit playbook

Minderoo Initiative Impact Fund

Led by Dr. Stacy Wood with support by Minderoo Foundation /meet awardees

Summer Institute

Co-led by Dr. Stacy Wood and the Tech Impact Network with support by Minderoo Foundation /stay tuned

Feminist.AI Community Programs

Led by Feminist.AI in partnership and collaboration with C2i2 /see programs

UCLA Partners

Community Partners