Guiding Principles

Social Justice

We deeply believe our research should have community impact, and foster racial and social justice


We recognize that transparency of funding sources is a crucial ethical dimension of our work, and we seek to clearly articulate the boundaries between donations and research


We promote outreach, inclusion, and translation of research to ensure public accessibly for greater impact and positive social change

Global Network

We believe in, and support, a global network of research and advocacy relationships worldwide that are interested in critical inquiries of the internet and society


We invite funders to support our work with an understanding that quality research is best realized with independence

Respect & Care

We aspire to cultivate relationships and practices of “mutual respect, care, pluralism and the duty of repair,” consistent with UCLA Department of Information Studies values

Join Us!

C2i2 is the only research center of its kind. Led by two renowned critical internet scholars Dr. Safiya U. Noble and Dr. Sarah T. Roberts, C2i2 is grounded in an approach to research that is rigorous, critical, and accessible. C2i2 is not only a research center, but a community champion committed to social and racial justice. Based at UCLA, a public university in Los Angeles, California, C2i2 is committed to holding those who create unjust technologies and systems accountable for the erosion of equity, trust, and participation while working to reimagine digital technologies’ influence in society.