Minderoo Initiative on Technology and Power

The UCLA Center for Internet Inquiry is also home to the Minderoo Initiative on Technology and Power.


An initiative that investigates the social impact of digital technologies on the broader public good.


Minderoo Initiative on Technology and Power at the UCLA Center for Critical Internet Inquiry investigates the social impact of digital technologies on communities and the broader public good. The initiative aims to create new paradigms for the public to understand the harms of tech platforms, predictive technologies, advertising-driven algorithmic content, and the work of digital laborers. /full announcement

This work is made possible by Minderoo Foundation.

The initiative includes the following programs:

Initiative Team

Initiative Programs

Impact Fund

The Minderoo Initiative Impact Fund supports people to pursue research, scholarship, community-oriented programming and creative expression projects at the intersection of tech and power. This fund is designed to support smaller-scale projects on a rolling basis.

Spring 2021 Award Recipients
  • The Future is Intersectional series
  • Oracle for Transfeminist Technologies
  • I, Obscura: Illuminating dark pattern design in the wild
  • AEMP Surveillance and Evictions project
  • Alternative Beacon project