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C2i2 seeks to ignite change by building a research center that is committed to racial and social justice with an orientation focused on community impact. C2i2’s impact objectives include the intent to support the specific needs of Black and Queer scholars; to engage with the greater Los Angeles community through education, advocacy, and art; to inform and support state, local, and federal policymakers; and provide change driven STEM professionals in the field with the language and tools to challenge injustice and the status quo from the inside out.
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C2i2’s focus is on the elements crucial to ensure sustainable growth while cultivating our ability to respond with the authenticity and authority needed to reimagine scholarship, racial justice, and democracy in this moment – and every moment thereafter.

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Center Endowment

to ensure the longevity of the work for future generations

Intersectional Scholarship

to foster a research culture of inclusivity

Community Programs

to support the intersection of knowledge, culture, and art

Accessible information

to empower policymakers and public interest technologists